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    The TSA has a mission to “Protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce,” according to its website. So, here are a few items you should avoid packing in your carry on for a more seamless airport experience.

      Flights are amazing! Thanks to the convenience of air travel we can find ourselves anywhere in the world within a day, we can eat incredible food while watching quality movies, cuddled up with either family or people we don’t know in our row. But it’s not all great. Airplane ear really throw…

        Airfare prices in the US have been high in recent years due to rising fuel prices and increased travel demand caused by the pandemic. However, prices started dipping in June 2022 and dropped another 18.9% by June 2023, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

          For budget-conscious fans, options for taking a Disney vacation are slim. Disney ticket prices can add up quickly, and paying extra for line-skipping privileges like Lightning Lane and Genie+ is practically imperative for a memorable trip.Then, there’s food, hotels and other inevitable add-ons, from Mickey Mouse ears to princess makeovers. Yet hidden within the realm...

          Are you feeling brave enough to travel with your kid? The don’t forget to bring these must-have items with you. Parents have spoken! And after hours of no sleep and figuring out the nuances of what it means to be someone’s mom or dad, they’ve concluded they won’t ever take another trip witho…

          If you’re looking to travel this summer, but have no one to go anywhere with, you might consider doing it alone. But when traveling we should all be safe, so what is the safest place to travel to if you’re going it solo? Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details. 


          For most people their passport photo is not the picture of their dreams.  But with adult passports valid for ten years, it’s understandable you want to snap a great…or at least mediocre picture! Here is the real reason behind the state department's passport rules and why everyone thinks it’s…

          Collecting travel points and miles on your own can be rewarding. However, you can potentially double your earning power — and opportunities to get cheaper hotel rooms and flights — by entering two-player mode.Whether you're just getting started or trying to level up your strategy, here are seven tips for how couples can work together...

          Some years ago, my wife and I arrived from the mainland at Kona Airport, with reservations for a rental car at the airport and a hotel about 30 miles away. But when we showed up at the rental counter, the agent said, "Sorry, we're out of cars. Just sit down over there until somebody returns a car, which we can get ready for you in a few minutes." Period. The other rental companies were also out of cars, so we had to start our Hawaiian vacation sitting around an airport for a couple of hours -- not exactly as we had planned. Welcome to the wonderful world of car rentals.

          For Kearran Giovanni, travel has always played a huge part in her relationship with discovering delicious food. “My family knows [that] I don’t eat breakfast ... except in Mexico,” said the actress, known for her roles in “Walker,” “American Soul” and “Major Crimes.” “Mexican breakfast is one of my most favorite meals. The cheeses, homemade corn tortillas, meat stews, huevos rancheros. Give it to me! I am very lucky that my parents exposed me to all kinds of food. My dad traveled internationally for work and would come home and declare we needed to try XYZ and we would. Very lucky kid.” Based in Los Angeles, she keeps in touch with her fans on social media where she goes by the username @kearrangiovanni.

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